Looking for 2-3 people to add to our linkshell.

Who we are looking for:
-Must have a sense of humor
-Must be mature, douche-bags need not apply
-No bearded Humes
-Must have 3+ of the following jobs with Gear/Procs: WAR, NIN, WHM, BLM, BLU, BRD
Useful Extras:
-Having a 2box mule

About us:
Website: http://thedrukenclam.guildwork.com/ (We use it for LULZ)
AH: http://www.ffxiah.com/linkshell/Bismarck/TheDrunkenClam (LULZ again)

-90% of our runs are Abyssea (mostly for weapons/+2, yes you will get priority on a weapon after joining if you put time into our shell)
-We also have recently teamed up with another LS in order to Kirin, JoL/AV, PW, and Voidwatch.

-Not mandatory, however don't expect to get a lot if you are never around
-Not set in stone, we don't do events every night
-Start around 6PM EST, end when you go to sleep

in b4 trolls, spammers, bearded humes.

Contact: Miloco, Oldelf, Axilla, Gaspee
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